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Introducing The Tommyknocker Digital doorbell, the only patented digital doorbell where the user may upload any MP3 sound byte they wish. The Tommyknocker is not a computer but a digital sampling playback device used as a doorbell. MP3 files are loaded into the doorbell  via a USB memory stick, and may be any size accommodated by the amount of memory available on the stick. All Doorbells are shipped with a memory stick  which are pre-loaded with various MP3 sound files.



Advantages of Wired vs. Wireless Digital Doorbells


The TK has been designed to plug into either new or existing home doorbell systems to provide a solid and reliable doorbell.  One of the advantages that the TK has is that it does not require any batteries, and, it doesn’t fall prey to the typical interference issues that we often experience with wireless devices.

Using a wireless system may provide for a slightly easier installation, but with a just a bit more effort, a wired TK would avoid all of the problems that a wireless system would present.  


This may include false triggering, blocked signal and low battery quirks. Wired doorbells have been around for 90 years because they were built to last the life of your home. The TK follows this tradition, built to last, reliable and hassle free.