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Introducing The Tommyknocker Digital Doorbell

The Concept:

This has been a work in progress for over 25 years that started in a New York City recording studio. It began as simple idea brought about by the introduction of sampling synthesizers by the mid 1980’s. The idea was that a sound byte could be recorded and then played back whenever a trigger was activated. The trigger could be a keyboard or button on any type of sampler at the time. It was easy enough to envision a doorbell as the sampling/ playback device, triggered by the doorbell button outside the home.  It was another thing to patent it and make it.

The Device

Introducing The Tommyknocker Digital doorbell, the only patented  digital doorbell where the  user may upload any MP3 sound byte they wish. The Tommyknocker  is not a computer but  a digital sampling playback device used as a doorbell. MP3 files are loaded into the doorbell via a USB memory stick, and may be any size accommodated by the amount of memory available on the stick.  All Doorbells are shipped with a memory stick which are pre-loaded with various MP3 sound files.

Power, Programming  and  Connection

The Tommyknocker is powered by the same safe, low voltage 12 volt  transformer current  found in your home if you already have a doorbell.  Still, low 12 volt input has plenty of enough juice for fidelity with negligible draw on the circuit. The Tommyknocker  sleeps when not in use and virtually stays cool to the touch, for years! We have also added a respectable  full range 4”  8 ohm speaker  and a 10 watt amplifier for sonic projection and volume. The Tommyknocker  may be programmed for 4 different doors with your sound files and has a default sound  if no programming is done at all. You may also program all your sound files to play in rotation, or simply have the same files play repeatedly.

The PC board is screwed into in a heavy (gage) galvanized steel chassis and is shrouded with a sturdy baffled enclosure for enhanced sound projection. Also  included are  a mounting template to  make leveling and fastening of the unit as easy as possible as well as a pigtail to simplify electrical connection.  It comes with a one year guarantee.